Coval Safety: strong roots, big wings

A year ago the new image was launched, after months of continuous study and great effort, but Coval Safety‘s is a story that comes from far away, precisely from 1972.

And like all great stories it is made up of basic ingredients: a family, a big dream, obstacles to overcome, helpers and a goal.

50 Years in Business: Research, Innovation and Product Design

At the beginning, the activity was focused on the production of gloves, which was then differentiated to satisfy companies in various sectors, both in clothing and in the field of accident prevention, thus turning its gaze towards the market of PPE against mechanical and thermal hazards.

Today, every COVAL Safety® PPE is the result of constant research and innovation that takes place day after day in the company’s labs. From the Made in Italy design, to the packaging of the final product, every single phase of the production process is managed by a highly qualified internal team.

Coval Safety Plus

What sets Coval Safety apart from others in the industry is one key point: we are talking about true manufacturers, with as many as 3 production sites, 55 employees and 34 countries around the world where products are distributed.

This means great experience in the field of work safety:

  1. Research of technical fabrics
  2. Control of leathers
  3. Research of newmethodsofleathertreatmentand tanning
  4. Preliminary laboratory testing, environmental and legislative aspects
  5. Product design and patternmaking activities

5 product families

Over the past year, in addition to a restyling of the Coval Brand, product families have been defined, each designed and dedicated to professionals in the targeted industry:


Application fields:

COVAL Safety® PPE thus finds application in a wide range of industries:

  • Foundry, metalworking and glass industry
  • Welding
  • Automotive, railways and shipbuilding industry
  • Industrial kitchens and food industry
  • Firefighting and Civil Defense
  • Cold protection and cryogenics

Safety First

Choosing Coval Safety products means investing in quality, for safer workplaces and longer PPE life.

Over the past year there has been a strong need to strengthen the Coval brand, not only by presenting a new, more definite image, but also by clearly communicating what the group’s vision is:

“We want a future where there will NOT be choices at the expense of worker safety, but only high-end protective equipment“.

This is what the company has always strived for, this is what drives every day, this is what determines every day the choice of a single mission:

“A more protected worker.
A job done at its best.
A richer and more respected company.
A happier family