Firefighter gloves FLAME AIB 659 M

item: FLAME AIB 659 M

FLAME AIB 659 M Firefighter Gloves are the ideal choice for those seeking gloves that offer optimal protection according to EN 659 Firefighter Gloves regulations.

Crafted with high-quality meta-aramid fabric, FLAME AIB 659 M gloves ensure unparalleled heat and flame resistance. The hydrophobic flower palm provides a secure grip even in the most challenging conditions, while knuckle reinforcements and wrist protection ensure extra safety in high-risk situations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Heat and flame-resistant meta-aramid fabric
  • Hydrophobic flower palm for a secure grip
  • Knuckle reinforcements and wrist protection for additional safety
  • Reflective band on the back for optimal visibility
  • Aramid fabric lining for superior thermal insulation
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane to keep hands dry

Key Features:

Maximum Protection: Meta-aramid fabric and knuckle reinforcements ensure reliable protection against heat and mechanical risks.

Long-lasting Comfort: Aramid fabric lining and waterproof, breathable membrane ensure optimal comfort even during long hours of service.

Improved Visibility: The reflective band on the back enhances visibility in low-light conditions, improving safety in the field.

Versatility: Ideal not only for firefighting operations but also for locker room setup and other related activities.

SIZES: 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12

EN 388:2016+A1:2018 3243X
 EN 407:2004 4242XX
EN 659:2003+A1:2008

 EN 511:2006 22X
NEW! In compliance with EN 511:2006 standard for protective gloves against cold!