Heat-resistant gloves for the kitchen: the new Silitherm Cook line

Catering industry, bakeries, supermarkets, rotisseries are working environments that require special attention to avoid various risks.

The continuous proximity to radiant or contact heat sources and the presence of hot oil splashes make it necessary to use quality PPE, specifically designed and created to prevent sometimes very serious injuries.

The Silitherm Cook line, which includes both oven gloves and heat-resistant aprons, has been designed and created precisely to meet the needs of operators in the industry and guarantee their comfort and safety during working hours.

Silitherm Cook gloves: 4 features that make them unique

  1. Silitherm Cook gloves are resistant to contact heat up to 350°C, according to , and are suitable for food contact. This means they are suitable for touching hot food without risk of contamination, repeatedly and without burns.
  2. After use, they can be rinsed on the outside and reused.
  3. Their inner membrane acts as a heat and steam barrier, keeping the operator’s hands dry, thus avoiding discomfort and skin irritation.
  4. The glove’s extralong sleeve is also a detail that highlights the great care for the worker: it allows hot pans and trays to be placed on the forearm, protecting them from burns and allowing the weight load to be distributed with greater grip.

The importance of choosing a professional kitchen glove

In everyday work requiring repetitive actions, the choice of the right PPE proves to be essential, both for the worker’s safety and for an optimal result. This is why being aware of one’s needs to perform tasks to the best of one’s ability allows the full potential of the safety device to be exploited.

An example? Choosing a 5-finger glove, such as the , is ideal for more accurate and precise work, because it offers a greater grip and stability when handling kitchen equipment.

The ambidextrous mitten, ideal for those working in the Ho.Re.Ca sector, on the other hand, allows the air inside to act as an insulator: the same model produced with 5 fingers or with 2 fingers can therefore have a slight difference in terms of thermal insulation, i.e. it delays the perception of heat more.

In addition, the mitten is more suitable when there is a need to slip the glove on and off easily, during normal working activity or in an emergency.

For the right compromise between dexterity and thermal insulation, the proposal of the Silitherm Cook line is the 3finger glove: it has good thermal insulation and also allows the movement of the index finger and thus a certain ease of grip.

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Related products for complete protection

For allround protection of the user, we have not only thought about the hands, but also the rest of the body. Because even the clothing must comply with all current regulations.

Among our products is the Silitherm Cook heat protection apron, which not only protects against heat and hot splashes, but also prevents future health problems. Reread our blog post on risks in the kitchen due to heat stress, you can find it .

These and many more are the benefits that can be gained from a simple, guided and conscious choice.

Contact us and make an appointment with your local agent to learn more about the products in the Silitherm Cook range.