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Kevlar thread, that’s why it makes heat-resistant and welding gloves protective and durable

The quality of an heat-resistant product depends above all on the materials used. However, we are not only thinking about leathers or fabrics, the threads used for the seams also have an enormous importance in the level of protection offered to the user.

And this is where one of the unquestioned protagonists in our production of heat-resistant gloves and garments comes into play: Kevlar thread.

Kevlar thread: what is it and what is it used for?

Kevlar thread is a synthetic para-aramid fiber resistant to heat and mechanical hazards.

The production process of Kevlar takes place in the laboratory through a series of chemical reactions, which generate fibers suitable for the manufacture of different types of items, both for outdoor activities and for safety.

In fact, it is used not only for the production of safety equipment at work, but also in the military or extreme sports, where dangerous situations are the order of the day.

The properties of Kevlar thread

The synthetic fibers of this type of thread have extraordinary qualities:

1. Toughness and resistance to tearing

This material is five times stronger than steel, since it is almost impossible to be able to separate its fibers in the event of an impact.

2. Lightness

Kevlar fibers combine a high strength factor with extreme lightness.

3. Flame resistance

It has a heat capacity that allows it, when exposed to heat, to withstand temperatures up to 450 °C, beginning to lose its consistency only above 500 °C . Kevlar fibers do not melt, drip or promote combustion. In addition, as a synthetic fiber it has high abilities to maintain its molecular composition even when subjected to chemicals and solvents.

The video shows us in a concrete way the potential of this thread: in fact, unlike cotton thread, the flame in contact with Kevlar thread does not have time to advance, but extinguishes immediately.

4. Durability over time

Kevlar has a high capacity not to lose its characteristics over time.

Coval Safety: heat-resistant gloves and garments

Kevlar thread is our ally in the production of high-end heat-resistant products.

In fact, we use it for all our items: from heavy industry, to welding, from oven gloves to those used by fire and rescue teams. In this way, seams in welding gloves, for example, do not burn and are very tear-resistant.

The use of the best raw materials is a key point for us to guarantee our customers excellence in the choice of safety equipment that accompanies them every day in their work activities.

Whether it is radiant or contact, our job is to warn the worker of heat-related hazards.

If you would like to find out more about our Coval HEAT line, contact us and request a consultation.